2017 WSICT State Tournament Information

Step 1 - Required Forms


Each family on the roster for the state tournament needs to print, sign and return (note: only need the pages signed or filled in):

Concussion Form/Liability Waiver Form


The head coach as well as assistant coach is required to print, sign and return:

Coaches Concussion Agreement

Step 2 - Apparel

Here is the 5-8th grade individual apparel forms.  They are all the same with the exception of the grade level on the heading.  Return to Coach or Rep with check to that person as the team can only submit 1 check for everyone to the tournament entity.

Apparel Form


Print out a form (and edit the grade if req)

Fill out

Important: Make check payable to the head coach or whomever the coach appoints as only 1 check will be accepted per team (on the team form)


Collect player forms

Fill out the team form

Make 1 check for the entire team amount