High school coaches


Michael Schalow

Family: Dawn (wife), Jake (24), Kyle (20)
Grade School attended: Immanuel Lutheran
Junior High attended: Marshfield Junior High
High School attended: Marshfield Senior High
College: University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (1985)
Concordia University, Irvine, CA (2013)
Coaching Experience:    
• Kaukauna High School Head Coach, 1995-present (21st year)
• Dakota High School, Dakota, Illinois Head Coach, 1989-1995 (6 years)
• Northern Illinois University, Graduate Assistant, 1988-1989 (1 year)
• Leland High School, Leland, Illinois Head Coach, 1986-1988 (2 years)
Earliest basketball memory: Playing grade school basketball at Immanuel Lutheran
Favorite Coaching story: Many great stories and memories about teams and players that I have had the privilege to coach.
Team's strength this season: Team depth
What team needs to improve: How the game is changed to halves instead of quarters. This will be an adjustment for both players and coaches.

Ryan Bowers

Parents: Alan and Laurie Bowers
Family: Wife Abby, Sons Drew and Dawson, Dog Maya
Grade school attended:  Haen, Nicolet, Tanner
Junior high school attended: Electa Quinney
High School attended: Kaukauna High School
College attended: UW-Oshkosh
Coaching experience: 10 years at various levels within the Kaukauna program
Earliest basketball memory: 4th grade YMCA Denver Nuggets team
Favorite coaching story: Coach Schalow using the clipboard as a prop to help wake us up during a timeout my senior year against Oshkosh West.
Team's strength this season: Overall basketball skillset
What team needs to improve: Continue to share the ball offensively in order to utilize all of our stengths as well as defend at a high level.


Dan Van Boxtel

Family: Wife Teri, daughters Abbey, Amanda, Ashley, step daughters Cayley, Lyssa, Lexie, stepson Nathan
Grade school attended:  St. Nicholas Freedom
Junior high school attended: Seymour Middle School
High School attended : Seymour High School
College attended: U.W. Stout
Coaching experience: 15 years Varsity Head Coach at Shiocton Highschool,  1 yr  assistant  basketball coach U.W. Stout, 2 yrs assistant varsity Boys coach Seymour High School, 3 yrs Seymour Girls J.V. coach, 6 yrs Kaukauna High School J.V. coach
Earliest basketball memory, Just loving grade school basketball, and winning an 8th grade championship
Favorite coaching story: Seeing the never quit attitude and class of last year's J.V. team
Team's strength this season: They share the ball, and are willing to work hard to get better.
What team needs to improve: They need to continue improve their skills 1% each practice and we will be where we want to be at the end of the season.

Troy Baumgart

Parents: Kieth and Cheryl Baumgart
Family: Wife Jen, Son Reese, Dog Max
Grade school attended: St. Mary's Kaukauna WI
Junior high school attended: St. Mary's Kaukauna WI
High School attended: Kaukauna High School
College attended: NWTC, Green Bay, WI
Coaching experience: 19 years
Earliest basketball memory: Playing in the park with the neighbor kids
Team's strength this season: We are a physically strong team, with a great attitude
What team needs to improve: We continue to improve our skills

Ryan Reardon

Parents: Mike and Jackie Reardon
Family: Wife Kim, Thomas 12, Aiden 7, Haley 4
Grade school attended:  Holy Cross
Junior high school attended: Holy Cross
High School attended: Kaukauna High School
College attended: St. Norbert
Coaching experience: 10 years between 8th grade and freshman
Earliest basketball memory: Being in the gym with my dad
Team's strength this season: Physical strength
What team needs to improve: Ball handling, defense

Kevin Evers

Parents: David and Alice Evers
Family: Rheann (Isaac, Alexa, Andrew, Erik, Addison, Isabel, Erin)
Grade school attended:  St. Aloysius School
Junior high school attended: St. Aloysius School
High School attended: Kaukauna High School
College attended: Michigan Tech University
Coaching experience: KHS staff 1999-present; Kaukauna Hoops Club 2008-present; KGBA 2012-2015
Earliest basketball memory: In 7th grade, we won the 8th grade championship as the underdog, beating a Freedom team with 2 future D1 players, one being a starter at Iowa (Jim Bartels)
Favorite coaching story: One of the many stories...Coach Buelow came into the team room (now A147) after a frustrating loss and had a few words to say which could be heard down the hall.  As one of the ball boys came into the room, Joe stopped immediately (you could hear a pin drop), was asked if he could have a piece of gum as he regularly did.  Joe calmly got him a piece of gum, gave him a high-5 and chat briefly with him about his day ... no sooner did the door close, the players got the rest!  Joe was unbelievably compassionate about teaching his players about life but even more, he had a lasting, positive impact on many others.  Thanks Joe, you are missed!
Team's strength this season: Ability to transition and create on the offensive end.
What team needs to improve: Defensive and mental toughness could be the keys which determine the amount of success for 2015-16