Instructions to Link to Hoops Club Calendars

Not all phones link to google calendars the same.  Some phones will import as opposed to link to a calender when clicking on the associated iCal Calendar file listed on the website.


Importing vs Linking a Calendar

Importing a calendar differs from linking to a calendar.  Importing means taking entries in source calendar and making a copy to put those same entries into the destination calender.  This is similar to taking a source calendar and copying to a hard copy on the fridge.  If the source calendar changes, your calendar is not modified to reflect that change. 

Using your computer to link a calendar in Google

 You will need log into your google.  Goto your calendars.  Under 'Other Calendars' on the left menu, click the down arrow to 'Add by URL'.  Copy the iCal calendar file listed on the website into the entry box.  Bingo, the calendar should be linked to your account.  Related article can be found at

If your phone is setup with your google account and syncing your google calendar, your phone should display the calendar on your phone.

Linking your IOS device to a Hoops Club Calendar

 If you already have a google account setup on your IOS device and sync the calendars, follow the instructions to link in Google.  If you are linking and don't sync a google account, follow the instructions via

Linking your Android device to a Hoops Club Calendar

See Using your computer to link a calendar in Google. 

Possible Issues

The Hoops Club calendar is not visible on your phone or browser calendar.  Check to ensure that calendar you added is configured as visible in you calendar settings.